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  • Title: Ollie Osborn Mural - Union Carnegie Library
  • Location: Union, OR
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The Union Carnegie Library located on Main Street in Union, Oregon is important to Women's History because it hosts a mural of Ollie Osborn. The National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame lists Ms. Osborn, “Ollie was the first woman to pursue the sport of rodeo full time, becoming a multiple champion. Born to Oregon homestead ranchers, she began competing in the early relay races when she was a teenager. She discovered bronc riding and made a name for herself by riding “slick,” without hobbles, like the men. Remembered for her daring rides and extravagant tailor-made clothes, she continued to ride until 1932”.The mural was created in 2002 by Rita Tarter-Bangs. The art piece sits above the entrance to the library and includes a plaque with Ollie Osborn’s induction date into the The National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame.