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About 20 miles west of Flagstaff, Route 66 pilgrims can take exit 178 past Bellemont to visit an inspiring 1930s alignment that passes through Parks, Arizona and the Kaibab National Forest. The highlight here is a half-mile length paved in original concrete. Near the end of that length, on the south side, is a 1939 rest stop called Garland Prairie Vista. In 2004, my fiance and I indulged our mutual love of Route 66 by driving it "from Chicago to L.A." Among our cherished memories of the trip is that remarkably preserved concrete. Standing there in the silent forest with the San Francisco Peaks as a backdrop, we shared a reverent moment. We felt as though we were channeling the hopes, dreams and spirits of all who had passed that way before us. So impressed were we with this part of the road that we chose to get married on it in 2006. Many of our friends relaxed in the classic rest stop while sharing our destination/theme wedding with us in the tranquility of the Mother Road.