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From 1911-1957 the Arequipa Sanatorium in Fairfax, California treated working women suffering from tuberculosis. Founder Dr. Philip King Brown was inspired by his mother’s career to build a woman-only sanatorium: she was physician and surgeon Dr. Charlotte Blake Brown, who co-founded San Francisco’s Children’s Hospital. Philip Brown hired women physicians to care for Arequipa’s patients and hundreds of them went home healthy. In 1960 the Girl Scouts acquired the Arequipa site, but the buildings were damaged and demolished in 1984. A local newspaper reporter said this about Arequipa as the Girl Scouts prepared to take over the property: “So 50 years later the profile of Arequipa changes but not the heart nor the intent. The early pioneers and patients returning now surely would see only progress in the program about to be launched at the site--a program designed to produce happy, healthy young women, ready to take their place in the American scene.”